Baraka Books

Montreal, QC

Baraka Books is a Quebec-based English-language book publisher specializing in creative and political non-fiction, history and historical fiction, as well as fiction. Their belief is that books are a haven of freedom and that they remain the foremost vector for change. The word baraka is used in many languages and cultures and, depending on the language, can mean blessing, wisdom, luck, and more.

Sales and Distribution

Canada: Sales: Canadian Manda Group, Distribution: Independent Publishers Group
US: Sales & Distribution: Independent Publishers Group

Arsenal Pulp Press

Vancouver, BC

Arsenal Pulp Press is a publisher in Vancouver, with over 200 titles currently in print, which include literary fiction and non-fiction; cultural and gender studies; gay, lesbian, and multicultural literature; cookbooks; and guidebooks. They are interested in literature that traverses uncharted territories, publishing books that challenge people and ask questions about the world.

Sales and Distribution

Canada: Sales: Ampersand Inc, Distribution: University of Toronto Press Distribution
US: Sales & Distribution: Consortium Book Sales and Distribution

Anvil Press

Vancouver, BC

Anvil Press is a Vancouver literary press founded in 1991. Now with over twenty years of publishing under their belt, Anvil has firmly established itself as a publisher of progressive, contemporary Canadian literature with a distinctly urban twist.

An award-winning publisher of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, Anvil has become known for its high quality books and unconventional literary work. National and local in its vision, Anvil remains committed to its East Vancouver roots, and doesn’t shy away from work from the wrong side of the tracks.

Sales and Distribution

Canada: Sales: Publishers Group Canada, Distribution: Raincoast
US: Sales & Distribution: SPD

ARP Books

Winnipeg, MB

ARP Books was founded in 1996 in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Their mandate is to publish a dynamic combination of cultural, fiction, and non-fiction titles with an emphasis on progressive political analysis of contemporary issues, while encouraging innovative new writing.

To learn more about ARP Books, read our profile.

Sales and Distribution

Canada: Sales: Canadian Manda Group, Distribution: LitDistCo
US: Sales & Distribution: AK Press Distribution

Congress, Brock University,

The LPG will manning a booth and selling your titles to the academic crowd who attends Congress every year. In addition to selling titles, we will also be giving away our 2014 Academic Catalogue, featuring all participating Congress titles. Please contact Tanya by April 28th to nominate titles.

Thinking Cap Thursdays: Inventory Management

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Hamish Cameron is Vice President Distribution and IT at UTP, where he has toiled in various positions for 25 years. His prior adventures include Director of the ACP and Trade Editor at Quill & Quire.


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