In House: Oolichan Books

Fernie, British Columbia-based Oolichan Books takes its name and logo from the small, oolichan fish that was once plentiful in West Coast waters. A staple in the diet of First Nations peoples of the area, the oolichan (also known as the candlefish) is believed to possess healing powers and guarantee longevity. A fitting name for a press that publishes books with serious heart, and has been doing so for over forty years!

In House: Quattro Books

Founded in 2006, Toronto’s Quattro Books publishes works outstanding literary merit from both new and established authors. Since then, they’ve published around 50 books in the categories of fiction and poetry, and under their Fourfront imprint, non-fiction, children’s, art, photography, and reference titles.

In House: Bayeux Arts

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Bayeux Arts began publishing in 1994. Its name was chosen to highlight the importance of the artistic nature of the books selected by the press for publication.

Things were off to a brilliant start when Bayeux’s first title, Beside the Ocean of Time by George Mackay Brown, was shortlisted for the 1994 Booker Prize. Set on an imaginary island in the Orkneys north of Scotland, the story tells of young Thorfinn Ragnarson’s daydreams that relive the thousand-year history of his birthplace.


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