Theytus Books

Penticton, BC

Theytus Books is a leading North American publisher of Indigenous voices. Located in Syilx territory on the Penticton Indian Reserve in British Columbia, Theytus Books is proudly First Nations-owned and operated in partnership with the En’owkin Centre. As the oldest Indigenous publishing house in Canada, Theytus Books is recognized and respected internationally for its contributions to Aboriginal literature. Since its inception in 1980, Theytus Books has been a leading proponent for Indigenous authors, illustrators and artists.

Sales and Distribution

Canada: Sales: Martin & Associates, Distribution: University of Toronto Press Distribution
US: Sales: Theytus Books, Distribution: University of Toronto Press Distribution

In House: BuschekBooks

BuschekBooks is an Ottawa-based press that has a strong focus on poetry, though they have published fiction and non-fiction in the past. For Buschek, the whole point is sharing manuscripts of exceptional quality.

Also important to Buschek is spreading exceptional work beyond the barriers of language. They often publish the English translations by Canadian authors, as well as Canadian translations of international poets, often done as bilingual editions.

In House: Banff Centre Press

The University of Alberta founded the Banff Centre in 1933, with help from the Carnegie Foundation. While the Centre initially started only in the area of drama, by 1935 creative writing was also taught and the stage was set for the printed word at the Banff Centre.

By 1970 programming at the Centre had really expanded so it was renamed The Banff Centre for Continuing Education, with a focus on arts programming and conferences. With access to so many creative minds at work it wasn’t a huge leap to begin documenting this creativity in book form.

Quebec Writers' Federation Announces 2015 Award Winners

The Quebec Writers’ Federation announced the winners for their 2015 awards on November 18th at gala event in Montreal. Each year the awards are handed out to the best English-language writers to emerge from Quebec in the categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, First Book, Translation, and Children’s and Young Adult Literature.

Congratulations to our two members and their authors who received awards:

In House: DC Books

Montreal-based DC Books was founded by husband-and-wife Louis Dudek and Aileen Collins in 1974 (DC = Dudek and Collins). The press had ties to John Sutherland’s northern review (which was itself a product of the merger of magazines Preview and First Statement). Deeply respected as a poet, the DC Books founding editor, the late Louis Dudek, brought his talents and experience to bear upon the editing tasks at DC Books up until his his death in 2001.

In House: New Star Books

New Star Books of Vancouver has been publishing socially and politically engaged books since 1970, but its roots go much deeper.

The Georgia Straight, one of Vancouver’s alt weeklies, then considered an “underground newspaper”, would occasionally run a 4- to 8-page pullout section entitled the Georgia Straight Writing Supplement (GSWS). With this taste of publishing literature, they soon began publishing actual books, under the imprint Georgia Straight Writing Series (GSWS).


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