In House: DC Books

Montreal-based DC Books was founded by husband-and-wife Louis Dudek and Aileen Collins in 1974 (DC = Dudek and Collins). The press had ties to John Sutherland’s northern review (which was itself a product of the merger of magazines Preview and First Statement). Deeply respected as a poet, the DC Books founding editor, the late Louis Dudek, brought his talents and experience to bear upon the editing tasks at DC Books up until his his death in 2001.

In House: New Star Books

New Star Books of Vancouver has been publishing socially and politically engaged books since 1970, but its roots go much deeper.

The Georgia Straight, one of Vancouver’s alt weeklies, then considered an “underground newspaper”, would occasionally run a 4- to 8-page pullout section entitled the Georgia Straight Writing Supplement (GSWS). With this taste of publishing literature, they soon began publishing actual books, under the imprint Georgia Straight Writing Series (GSWS).

Writers' Trust of Canada Reveals 2015 Winners

The Writers' Trust of Canada revealed the winners for the 2015 Rogers Writers' Trust Prizes, including the Matt Cohen Award, Engel/Findley Award, Latner Poetry Prize, Journey Prize, Vicky Metcalf Award, and the Fiction Prize, on November 3rd in Toronto. The awards recognize exceptional literary talent in the writing disciplines of fiction, short story, poetry, writing for children, as well as a writer's body of work.

In House: Wolsak & Wynn

Hamilton, Ontario’s Wolsak & Wynn has dedicated itself to “publishing clear, passionate Canadian voices” since 1983. With around 125 works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in its catalogue, the publisher self-identifies as favouring no one style above the other: publishing to “no agenda beyond that of presenting the best.”

In House: Insomniac Press

Far from publishing books on sleep disorders, London, Ontario’s Insomniac Press likes to say that “our books are so good that they'll keep you up at night, reading till the sun comes up.” Publishing a wide variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and self-help books since 1992, Insomniac routinely pushes the boundaries of what books can be: unique voices are the common denominator across all their titles.


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